Gambit comic book 2004 series 1

Remy was an orphan raised into the Thieves Guild of New Orleans, always in confrontation with the Assassins one. He married the daughter of the chief of the Assassins Guild in a last attemp to maintain peace, but finished killing her brother Julian in a duel and escaping from the town. His natural abilities and his mutant power, capacity to charge any object with kinetic energy and throw it like a projectile, made him one of the best thieves, later meeting Storm (in her younger version) during a robbery. Due to this, he joined the X Men in the middle of the Shadow King affair, and has continued with them since that moment. Gambit knew the child Storm while she was trying to steal the same house that him, and they both got pursued by the Jacob-Reisz incarnation of the Shadow King and his human hounds, but escaped and continued together. Both came back to the X Men, and Gambit joined the gold team, while Storm, now an adult, became leader of the blue one. Gambit flirted with Jean Grey for a short while, but he was really fond of Rogue, whom of course was untouchable, but he kept acting as if he was immune to her powers. When Creed was trapped in the mansion, he revealed why both of them hate each other so much: Being Remy very young, he went to Paris to steal a jewel, stolen from a rich man by a girl named Genvieve. Sabretooth was the man who should recover it for his owner, but decided to play with the boy, so he left him steal Genieve’s heart and then the jewel, just to kidnap both the girl and Henri, Gambit’s brother, and hanging them from Notre Dame roofs, asked him to decide which one he would save. Gambit chose Henri, and Genieve died, losing Remy the jewel as well. Another nice relationship of Gambit has been Candra, from the Externals. After being a while with the X Men, Belladonna, Remy’s wife, appeared to beg (well, sort of) for help from her husband. There was a war between the guilds, and her deceased brother, Julian, was the one to lead it. The children of the guilds had as well disappeared. The group moved to New Orleans to find that the Brood had done it again, but with the help of the Ghost Rider, they rescued the kids and re-destroyed the aliens. Belladonna didn’t have luck, however, and almost died, kept alive in a comatose state, and believed dead by Remy. Candra had a deal with the Thieves, and she would give parts of a potion of immortality from time to time, but Julian wanted it to repair his wrecked body and was messing the guild, so Henri came again to his brother, and when he knew that Belladonna was still alive, decided to get the last bit of the magic potion for her. Rogue went with him and took care of the woman, but unwillingly was touched by her and absorbed her mind, thing that Gambit doesn’t know, so when he made his wife drink the potion, she came back to a new life, not even recognizing him. Gambit is quite a mysterious character and his past is not very clear, although he seems to know well Madripoor, SabreTooth, and some other old pals of the group. Bishop holds the suspicion of him being a traitor to his companions in the future from where he comes, but no step has still been taken in that direction, though he has a connection with Mr Sinister. Bishop is supposed to have been trained by Gambit, who taught him how to fight and was known as The Survivor. Since history tells that the last X Man to join was the traitor, it’s very clear to Bishop that it must be him, though now Bishop is in fact the last X Man to join. Recently, Rogue kissed him and found something in his memories that made her run away from the X-Men, to live as a human in a small town.

Name: Remy LeBeau

Group: X Men

Origin: New Orleans (USA)

First appearance: The Uncanny X Men#266

Known Relatives:
Belladonna (wife)
Henri (foster brother)