Professor X Charles Xavier

Charles Xavier aka Professor X is a brilliant scientist, geneticist and engineer, discovered quite young that he was a powerful telepath, due to a mutation by unwillingly entering the mind of his foster brother (who would later become the Juggernaut). Due to his powers, he lost his hair. Xavier fought in many wars, leaving his fiancee Moira McTaggert to go to Germany after the WWII. Moira didn’t wait for him and married another man, and he had a brief romance with a young Jewish refugee, Gabrielle Haller, who would later give birth to Charles’ son. It was then when he first knew Magnus Lensherr, who was helping as well in the fields, and became a close friend of him, but after an adventure against Von Stucker, Magnus stole gold from the baron and left the place, convinced that there was no hope of peace between humans and mutants.

Xavier would later travel to El Cairo, where he had a brief encounter with a very young Ororo, who tried to steal his handbag. There, he was attacked by Amahl El Farouk and suddenly became aware of the menace that evil mutants were to humanity, making up his mind to train a group of youngster to make his dream come true : mutants and humans leaving in peace and harmony. His first try was a failure, for he tried to manipulate the mind of his lover Amelia Voggs to have her in the team against her will. As soon as she discovered it, she left him, and has never forgiven him for this. Then, he decided to pick a bunch of youngsters as he had to help a girl who was locked into herself, after living her best friend’s death inside her mind.

Xavier lost the use of his legs in a fight against Lucifer, but after being infected by the Brood and killed, he was cloned by the Shi’Ars (Lilandra, the Shi’ar governess, is Xavier’s lover) and became capable of walking again. Unfortunately, during the worst times of the anti-mutant hysteria, he was beaten almost to dead, and paralytic once more. To save his life, he had to move with the Shi’Ars for a time, leaving the X-Men in the hands of a now repented Magneto. Too bad an alien race enslaved him and used his powers and the Shi’Ar empire to dominate the galaxy until the X Men came to save him. Then, he returned again to Earth with his X-Men.

The hardest moment in the life of Xavier was when he lobotomized Magneto after he had extracted Wolverine’s adamantium off his skin. Magneto had become a deadly menace to humanity, but yet, the decision was too hard for the professor, and something deep inside him changed, giving way to something dark …

Professor Xavier used to have the following powers :

  • Mental probe.
  • Mental invisibility (“clouding men’s minds”).
  • Mental blast of stunning intensity, 20 area range.
  • Ability to alter or erase a target’s memories.
  • Astral Form
  • Mutant Detection

EQUIPMENT. Xavier has used a wide variety of equipment in the past including, but not limited to, the items listed below:

  • Cerebro, a device which expands Xavier’s ability to locate mutants and to track particular mutants.
  • Mini-Cerebro, which requires no mutant-detecting powers
  • Wheelchairs since Prof. Xavier can not use his legs. The most esoteric of these was a caving version which moved on treads.
  • Leg-braces allowing him to walk normally for a short time.

Name: Charles Francis Xavier
Group: X-Men
First appearance: Uncanny X Men#1
Known Relatives:

  • Brian (father, deceased)
  • Sharon (mother, deceased)
  • Cain Marko (Juggernaut, foster brother)
  • David Haller (deceased (?), son)