The Blob

blob-xmenBecause of his mutation, Dukes grew up as a freak in a traveling circus where he was nicknamed the Blob. He was originally contacted by Xavier to join his X Men, but he refused and fought the group. Xavier tried to erase the memory of the X Men from his mind, but Dukes escaped and tried to steal their technology. This time, when he was defeated, he had his memory wiped, but memories resurfaced.

The Blob was invited to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants by Magneto. However, feeling betrayed by him, he returned to the circus and teamed up with Unus the Untouchable and Lucifer in criminal organization Factor Three. When Unus apparently died, Fred rejoined the Brotherhood, now led by Mystique.

The Brotherhood was dismantled and the government offered him a pardon in exchange for his enrollment as a member of Freedom Force. Again, he clashed with the X Men, but the teal was soon decimated in Kuwait and Dukes and Pyro were captured. Somehow, they resurfaced in America and joined the Toad into the 5th Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. They were so easily defeated that soon disbanded.

Then, the Blob was contacted by mysterious super villain Onslaught, who enhanced his powers and gave his fat a sort of elastic quality so he can project and mold it. A free agent after Onslaught’s dismissal, he fought mercenary Maverick and lost as usual.

Again, he was contacted by Mystique for a new Brotherhood of freelancers who were hired to recover the head of the Machine Man, now X-51. They failed and the Blob tried to become a free agent again, but was stopped by Spiderman. The Blob is currently keeping a low profile.

Name: Fred J. Dukes

Group: The Brotherhood
Former member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Former member of Factor 3
Former member of the Freedom Force

Origin: Not Clear

First appearance: Uncanny X Men #63 (1964) Marvel Comics