A mutant whose abilities manifested themselves when she was in her late teens, Alison Blaire chose to be a professional singer rather than follow her father’s steps to become a judge. Dazzler can convert sound into light energy and she used her light-generating abilities to supplement her act. The intensity of this ability and the power stunts associated with it depend on the level of ambient sound. She can also convert light into a laser with two area range, capable of inflicting damage up to the intensity level determined by the level of ambient sound . She can also use light to confuse and blind her foes, as well as hypnotize targets at light’s intensity, one area range. Sometimes, Alison wears a walkman, whose music she can use to charge herself. She’s a pretty good skate roller as well.
With the release of the Dazzler movie, Allison’s mutant nature became public knowledge. Her life and career fell apart in the backlash. For a while, she stuck to the Gladiators, a group of people who fought to death in a show for the richest people, who paid fortunes to see them. This show was ruled by Alex, who presumed to be the son of Victor Von Doom. Ali was rescued by Hank McCoy (The Beast), who held a romance with her for a while. Then she worked as second voice to rock star Lyla Cheney, but she was possessed by the marauder Malice and left the group, joining the X-Men and getting free from her host. There she met Longshot and fell in love with him, though she was not very sure about his preferences on Rogue or her. Longshot left the group to search for his lost memories. Then, the cyborg group known as the Reavers attacked and the whole group had to escape through the Seige Perilous. Awaking with her powers but no memory of her past, she tried again to become a singer, but abandoned the idea after being attacked by a former fan. Then, Longshot came to find her, for he needed her help to free Mojo World from Mojo’s tirany. They were also helped by the rest of the X Men, who defeated Mojo and made Longshot the governor of the land. By the time, Dazzler was pregnant, and Longshot wanted to name the child ShatterStar.

Name: Alison ‘Ali’ Blaire
Group: None
Former X Woman
Former Gladiator

Origin: USA

First appearance: Uncanny X Men #130

Know Relatives:

  • father
  • Shatterstar (son in a future)

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