cyclopsThe father of Scott Summer was a pilot who was flying one day with his family when their plane was captured by an spaceship from the Shi’Ar. Scott and Alex jumped from the plane, but they had just one parachute, so the fall produced Scott a commotion, which in the future would not allow him controlling his mutant power: An optic ray of high intensity, capable of breking walls, only contained by rubi glasses that Scott must always wear. Both brothers were taken to an orphanage, but although Alex was soon adopted, nobody wanted a child with a commotion, so Scott grew there (later was revealed that the place was ruled by Mr Sinister in disguise) until Prof. Xavier took him to his School for Gifted Youngsters, becoming formal member of the first X-Men There, he met Jean, actually his wife. Scott’s life is such a mess that it’s quite difficult to plot it : By example, in an alternative future, he married Phoenix (not Jean), having a daughter, Rachel, who travelled through time to stop a killing, so the future from where she came would never happen. In fact, it didn’t, but that resulted in Scott marrying another woman (Madelyne Pryor) and having…a boy. That’s not all, for Madelyne was a clone of the true Jean Grey, who wasn’t dead as everybody believed, made by Mr Sinister, whose only obsession seems to be the Summers’ DNA. now the story gets even weirder, for Madelyne turns herself into the Goblin Queen during Inferno and dies, going hes memories and Phoenix ones right to Ms.Grey (See Jean Grey, Phoenix or Maddelyne register). And if that wasn’t enough, his son Nathan gets ill and is taken to the future by a misterious woman named Askani. Scott thinks that he’ll never see him again, but he comes back some time later. Facts are that ha has spent half his life in future, and now he’s older than Scott.

Name:Scott Summers
Group:X Men
Origin:Nebraska, USA
First appearance:The Uncanny X Men#1

Known Relatives:

  • Christopher (Corsair, father)
  • Jean (wife)
  • mother (murdered)
  • Alex (Havok, brother)
  • Rachel (daugther, well, sort of in an alternative(sigh!)future)
  • Nathan C. (Cable, son. Yes, it’s his son! Any comments?)
  • Grandparents (also appearing sometimes)