The Beast

Hank McCoy was born mutant, his powers being heightened agility and the ability of using his feet almost as good as his hands. He was also cursed, however, with a disproportionate body. He has a brilliant mind, and he loves studying sciences, though he is often heard quoting Shakespeare. Hank was a founding member of the first group of X-Men, with the Angel, Cyclops, the Iceman, and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey). They all together fought the first mutant foes and world menaces, but Hank desired to get a doctoral degree at the University, so he left the group to became a brilliant doctor in biochemicals. During the course of his works, he drank one of his experiments, turning into a beast-looking being, his body covered by blue hair. His own powers then became increased, and his mind kept intact. During a brief period, he joined the Avengers, but returned much later with the X-Men. Before this, he spent some time with the first X-Factor team, when they still pretended to be mutant hunters. He recovered his human form for some time, using information from Dr Carl Maddicks that was to give Maddick’s son. Unfortunately, after being kissed by Infectia, the Beast began to lose intelligence, lose it even more quickly whenever he used his powers. But during the first confrontation with the Smilefaces of Hodge from The Right (just at the beginning of Inferno), Apocalypse’s former ship returned him to his blue form at to the top of his intelligence as well. He rejoined the X-Men after the Shadow King crisis, and was working with Moira McTaggert and Xavier on the Legacy virus until he got replaced by the Black Beast. Eventually, he was rescued and continued his works.

Name: Henry “Hank” McCoy

Group: X-Men

former member of the Avengers, Defenders and X-factor

Origin: Illinois

First appearance: The Uncanny X-Men#1

Known Relatives:

Edna and Norton McCoy (parents)