angel-marvel-comicsWarren Worthington was born a mutant, revealing his powers of flying in his adolescence when a pair of wings grew on his back. He then joined the original X Men, taking the name “Angel.” He remained a full time member of the team until the incident of Krakoa (the living island). At that time a new team was formed, and he retired to live with his girlfriend, Candy Southern. He joined the Defenders for a short time, but stayed in retirement fairly consistently until the revival of Jean Grey (towards whom he’s always been somewhat romantically attracted). He then used his considerable wealth to found X-Factor. At first, X Factor pretended to be an organization to fight mutants, but it was in fact planned to save them, training the new ones in the use of their powers (the dream of Professor Xavier). Unfortunately, the executive in charge of X Factor, Cameron Hodge, who was supposed to be Warren’s friend, was really member of an anti-mutant organization known as The Right, and due to his plots, Warren lost his wings and seemed to commit suicide in a helicopter. Warren wasn’t really dead, but captured by Apocalypse to join his group as the incarnation of Death. Apocalypse gave him a new pair of metallic wings, whose feathers Warren could throw like razors. These blades are tipped with a substance that interferes with the body’s neural commands, providing Apocalypse’s Fourth Horseman with a deadly range weapon. Warren got free of Apocalypse, but his new wings were tainted with evil, and were barely controlled by the man’s will. When he’s unconcious, the wings can act separately. Other effects of the transformation were a change is his old jolly character, turning into a reserved and sad guy, and his skin turning blue. He renamed himself then Archangel. Cameron not only got the Angel’s wings cut, but also stole his fortune, although it seems that Warren still has a large quantity of money and one of the most luxurious night clubs in Manhattan. Hodge was killed by Warren,but kept coming back, first as a monstruous cyborg during the Xtinction Agenda and later as part of the Phalanx, during the Phalanx Covenant. As if all that were not enough, he also murdered Candy Southern and absorbed her into the Phalanx. Warren dated a police agent, Charlotte, for a while, but that came to an end, and later he developed a romantic relationship with Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke) until she was killed.

Name: Warren Worthington III

Group: X Men
Co-founder of the Champions
Former member of X Factor

First appearance: The Uncanny X-Men#1