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The Blob

Because of his mutation, Dukes grew up as a freak in a traveling circus where he was nicknamed the Blob. He was originally contacted by Xavier to join his X Men, but he refused and fought the group. Xavier tried to erase the memory of the X Men from his mind, but Dukes escaped and […]


Originally born as James Howlett at the beginning of the century, Wolverine became the last and only descendant of a very rich man when his brother died for unknown reasons. The kid was, however, weak and sick. Hence, he was educated at home. His father took an orphan girl named Rose to grow up with […]


Ororo Munroe is descended from a line of African witch-priestesses which can be traced back to the dawn of humanity. All of the women in this line of descent have white hair (throughout their lives) and blue eyes and the potential for magical abilities, while the men have none of these attributes. Ororo’s mother, N’dare, […]


Rogue’s mutant power consists of absorbing the mind and powers of the being she touches, if the contact is skin to skin. She usually wears clothes that cover her whole body, so she has to take off a glove to make the contact, but she prefers a kiss to have her power working. She has […]


Remy was an orphan raised into the Thieves Guild of New Orleans, always in confrontation with the Assassins one. He married the daughter of the chief of the Assassins Guild in a last attemp to maintain peace, but finished killing her brother Julian in a duel and escaping from the town. His natural abilities and […]


Warren Worthington was born a mutant, revealing his powers of flying in his adolescence when a pair of wings grew on his back. He then joined the original X Men, taking the name “Angel.” He remained a full time member of the team until the incident of Krakoa (the living island). At that time a […]

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel was originally a pink skinned kree product of interbreeding to avoid the evolutionary dead end of the empire. He became captain very young and was assigned to vessel Pama to fight the skrulls. There he fell in love with doctor Uba, who was also desired by his superior Colonel Yon-Rogg. Eventually, the trio […]